IT Max is  committed to support the battle against the CORONAVIRUS and to minimize the threat of its spread and in maintaining public health and safety. WE are offering 3 different solutions that will help in the containment of the COVID-19 patients and minimize its spread including the monitoring of quarantines and the maintenance of social distancing. These technologies can also help fight the criminal activities and the security challenges that are faced by the Government during and post the PANDEMIC time.

COVID-19 Passive Analysis

The ANALYZER maps mobile positioning data and historical location logs provided by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to be used for passive positioning

Personalised data and logs are connected to phone numbers (and/or personal identification codes). This data can be analysed to help understand the historical mobility of the COVID-19 patients, and the current mobility patterns analysis will infer spreading of the virus under current conditions.

Using the data of mobile positioning provided by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), IT Max Global’s ANALYZER will search and identify the location of a COVID-19 patient and spot other suspected COVID-19 patients who were in close proximity at a specific time.

Using the location and time, all operators can provide the data of the people who were in proximity of the COVID-19 patient. An action plan will be executed to alert these people including to undergo the  COVID-19 test or to be quarantined or other decision.

COVID-19 Active Monitoring

Real-time positioning – active positioning, determining location through the Mobile Geolocation system (LOCATOR) to keep track and geofence COVID-19 patients by tracking their mobile phones

The LOCATOR will allow to apply a regular active positioning on phone numbers of people in quarantine to determine whether they have left their quarantine area.

This information can be used in parallel with the Passive Monitoring to determine those who have been in the same area with the infected.

Active Monitoring allows constant tracking and requires connectivity to all the MNOs in the country.

COVID-19 Location Based Social Media Intelligence

Allow the monitoring of all social media activities of a COVID-19 patient and report the location history for control and action-taking

Healthcare is as much about people as it is illness and injury. With nearly two-thirds of the population using social media, even the healthcare industry isn’t immune. Where there are people, there is likely social media activity.

By monitoring social media activities of a COVID-19 patient and the location history of his activities on Social Media, we will be able to identify other people who were active on social media in the vicinity of the COVID-19 patient and be able to contact them directly and ask them to go for COVID-19 tests.

Officials are able to identify other individuals in the vicinity of a COVID-19 patient risk, track disease spread and outbreaks and hospitals can also plan for and manage health crises more rapidly and efficiently.

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