From private, public or hybrid cloud to traditional IT architectures, our comprehensive suite of managed services allows you to focus on your core business, while relying on IT Max as your single point of accountability for IT infrastructure. We’ll work with you to develop, deliver, and maintain your ideal managed solutions.

Data Centre Infrastructure

From on-premises to private, colocated or public cloud data centres, we’ll tailor-build your cutting-edge data centre.

To meet business demands for ubiquitous access to valuable data and mission critical applications, organizations like yours are driving the adoption of hosted IT environments, and cloud-based delivery of software, infrastructure, communications, data and platform services. Some organizations with specific business requirements might need an on-premises, flexible and secure IT infrastructure. For others, it could be a dedicated private cloud, or a colocated locally-hosted one. Others still might prefer a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. No matter in which category your business falls, IT Max will help you in setting up and managing a tailored IT infrastructure. Moreover, our colocation services can be seamlessly integrated with our Managed Services and Security Services to deliver a complete, end-to-end solution.

Monitoring & Management

We maintain a healthy IT infrastructure for your organization, so you can focus on innovation.

Power your infrastructure with an automated platform to provide state of the art IT management services and ongoing support. Our solution includes many benefits, such as pro-active management for preventive maintenance, 24 x7 x365 monitoring, and detailed reporting. Our team of qualified experts ensure the uptime of your business-critical solutions, freeing up your IT team and increasing productivity company-wide, allowing a smooth flow of operations. We will:

  • Monitor the status of hardware and system software
  • Take necessary action based on detected issues
  • Notify you of problems for all server environments within scope
  • Monitor Operating System services, remediate them automatically whenever they freeze/stopped
  • Identify, Escalate and document problems using the ITIL process and best practices
  • Escalate any malfunctions related to hardware to OEM for resolution
  • Monitor critical server components (disk utilization, processor and memory performance, SQL server perforamance, event logs)
  • Provide detailed reporting on performance and server availability
  • Centralize Network monitoring and management
  • Backup device configuration
  • Ensure all the devices are updated with the latest firmware from a centralized location, and keep track of the versions updated.

Network Management

Monitor, optimize and manage your network from anywhere.

The performance, availability, uptime of your business-critical systems is dependent upon the health and performance of your network infrastructure. We at IT Max will keep your network infrastructure running at optimal performance through proactive monitoring and remote remediation services performed by our certified engineers. Our System Engineers are certified experts for switch, firewall and router management for a variety of technology vendors.

Our solution is designed to monitor every port on every hub, switch, router and server on any network. It can handle large multi-vendor networks and provide real-time notifications alerts, as well as offering an instant drill-down into historical performance reports for metrics such: Bandwidth Utilization, Link Status, Latency, Netflow and Uptime.

Following is a sample of the daily network administrative tasks enabled by our solution:

  • Network devices configuration, management and tuning for optimum performance
  • Maintenance of network configuration, routing, IP address documentation etc
  • Implementation / modification of network routing policies, IP addressing policy
  • Monitoring of network performance and escalation of the same
  • Network fault isolation
  • Bandwidth monitoring and trends for the network

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enable Bring-Your-Own-Device without compromising compliance, or security.

Keep employees happy and productive by empowering them to use their favorite mobile devices for work. Whether you want to support a bring your own device (BYOD) or corporate-owned policy, Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution provides secure access to business email, apps, and content on any device. To mitigate mobile security risks across a variety of operating systems, we protect both your corporate data and the employees’ privacy on their mobile devices.

  • Secure Any Device:
    Configure and apply consistent data security policies across iOS, Android, and Windows devices with Mobile Device Management capabilities
  • Secure Email:
    Provide secure access to business email, calendars, and contacts while preserving the native mobile user experience.
  • Secure Apps:
    Protect business data at rest and in motion with industry leading mobile application management capabilities
  • Secure Mobile Content:
    Mobile content management (MCM) capabilities allow secure, instant access to content repositories like SharePoint on mobile devices
  • Secure BYOD:
    Maintain privacy while applying corporate policies and preserving control over business data on personal devices
  • Secure Mobile Fleets:
    Manage mobile kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, and shared devices at scale while applying consistent security policies and configurations

Patch Management

Secure, cross-platform patch discovery and distribution. Reliable, automatic patch deployment.

Our solution keeps your servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates. With IT Max Patching capabilities, the latest security patches and software updates are installed routinely, consistently, and in a timely manner.

  • Scan networks for installed and missing security patches
  • Automate the tedious process of researching the latest patches
  • Detect vulnerabilities
  • Identify which patches are installed and their installation dates
  • Determine which patches are needed
  • Monitor and maintain patch compliance for the entire company

Audit & Inventory

Discover & track every system & software detail, no matter where it’s located.

Discover & track every system & software item and detail, no matter where it’s located! Having a corporate policy for installed software across your network is one thing. Knowing what is installed on your computers along with the supporting licensing and version details is the real challenge. As an IT professional, you run the risk of non-compliant software or software incompatibilities that could impact your business and operations. Audit & Inventory gives you the ability to meet these goals by grabbing every piece of useful data from your managed machines and offering you the visibility you need through comprehensive inventories.

  • Detailed Software Inventory:
    Capture every detail from a single machine or group of computers through a comprehensive software inventory including: application name and OS type, description, version, license, manufacturer, directory path, uninstall path, etc…
  • Detailed Hardware Inventory:
    Manufacturer, System Model, System Version, Bus speed, Processor Details, Motherboard Details, Memory installed, Serial Numbers or Service Tags, Onboard Device listing, etc…

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Achieve peace of mind, and critical information recovery.

Disaster recovery requires the best technology infrastructure coupled with the support of a partner who will ensure your business is safe. We know that disaster situations can often be fraught with emotion and complexity – so someone may not be available to trigger the failover at all times. IT Max’s team is ready and waiting to take that call, and failover your site in moments, not days.

Every business is unique and has its own needs when it comes to Disaster Recovery. That’s why IT Max will work with you to develop a customized Disaster Recovery Plan based on your business and its unique needs. Based on these needs, IT Max offers you a range of solutions including everything from Colocation with Managed Services, to Private Cloud services through to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). IT Max also has disaster recovery specialists dedicated to helping you protect your business-critical applications.

End-to-End Security

Secure sensitive information from origin to destination.

Although endpoint security software such as antivirus solutions as well as zero-day prevention solutions provides good security, they are not always installed, and antivirus software is often not up-to-date. Users also can temporarily disable the solutions. Moreover, the presence of malware remains a security concern that even seasoned IT professionals struggle with detecting. Bugs in software are also relevant, for example in the web browser or the operating system.

From your Internet gateway to your mail servers, file servers and endpoints, our fully integrated, centrally managed Enterprise Security Suite creates a solid security foundation across your network. It delivers timely protection from attacks by leveraging the latest in global threat intelligence from the leading vendors in the field of Cyber security.

  • Single security solution with central visibility for thousands of workloads across data center and cloud environments
  • Virtual patching protects applications and reduces frequency of patching across all environments
  • Consistent, automated security reduces operational impacts and improves reporting
  • Defend against network threats with intrusion prevention (IPS) and host firewall
  • Apply a virtual patch to vulnerable systems with intrusion prevention (IPS)
  • Keep malware, including ransomware and its variants, such as WannaCry, off of servers
  • Detect and stop suspicious or malicious system changes, including application control and integrity monitoring

Backup as a Service

Perform system backups from anywhere, to the cloud or on premises. Keep all systems updated with minimum effort.

Backup as a service provides advanced solution to backup your critical applications to the centralized cloud platform residing at our UAE datacenters. We offer backup solutions for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Volumes, Applications, in addition to regular data. All backup data is encrypted using government-grade 256-bit AES. Customers can choose the frequency, retention date, and scheduling of backups.

For time-critical disaster recovery situations, and depending on the size of data, it might be even feasible to plan for an on-premises dispatch of backup disks to ensure a speedy recovery, instead of restoring the backup over the internet.

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