Company Overview

IT Max is established as a leading solution provider in the information technology & telecommunication sectors. We focus on the following service areas with world-class expertise and utmost dedication to your business’ best interests:

  • IT infrastructure solutions
  • IT Managed Services
  • Cloud enablement and data centre infrastructure (including on-premises, public/private/or hybrid)
  • Carrier-grade telecom infrastructure, products and solutions
  • Telecom security, lawful intercept, and fraud prevention


While we market some solutions globally, our  main focus is the Middle East and Africa market where our brand is well recognized.

Much more than a simple solution or Managed Services Providers, we see ourselves first & foremost as partners in your success. Any decision or recommendation we make is only made after our team has studied the ins-and-outs of its implications on your business. Working with us is akin to adding a world-class CTO, COO, CMO and a squadron of technical experts to your leadership team, who keep your best interest at heart while delivering industry-leading, tailored solutions to address your challenges.


Our Customers

Our customer base includes enterprises of all sizes, mobile operators, educational institutions, governmental agencies, law enforcement agencies, as well as small, medium and large businesses. While we don’t make any of the IT products we sell, which helps us stay neutral in selecting what best fits your needs, our tight collaboration and partnership with the makers helps us bring super-tailored and well-designed solutions to your company, making us one of the most reliable, trusted and visionary companies in the MEA.


Our Approach

We distinguish ourselves through our three pillars:

  • Our People
    Our people are our most important asset. We are extremely invested in the development of our management, technical, support and sales personnel.
  • Our Agility
    We are always ahead of business trends. Our speed to market coupled with the ability to adapt with the ongoing technological advancements is the key to our success.
  • Our Philosophy
    Our customer centric approach is the drive behind establishing  long standing partnerships with our clients. Our philosophy of flawless execution is our key differentiator in the market.


Our Mission

To provide tailored, specific, innovative technology and professional services offerings that help our clients meet their strategic business objectives.

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