IT Max has over 12 years’ experience in providing advanced, reliable and cost-efficient Communications and Signal Intelligence systems for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), national security and intelligence agencies. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in more than a dozen countries worldwide.


Take control of your airspace with the most successful drone defence system worldwide

As the use of various types of drones is rapidly increasing, many critical facilities are getting vulnerable to possible air attacks or reconnaissance activity by the enemy. Drone Buster is an AUDS designed to provide early detection of approaching enemy’s UAVs and full blocking of data and GPS/GLONASS control channels. It is a scalable system, which provides the maximum protection of areas and facilities of various sizes, forms and functions. The system can also be used within critical infrastructure elements to prevent small and medium sized drones from entering the controlled perimeter.

Key element of the solution is a ground station comprised of Detection and Control modules. In addition to UAV’s GPS and GLONASS control channels smart jamming, the system is also capable of generating a sequence of false UAV management signals significantly improving overall performance and protection efficiency. Drone Buster field effective range reaches 15-18 kilometers which makes the solution ideal for infrastructure facilities protection in both combat environment and on a daily basis under several application scenarios.

The system can be installed at any appropriate vehicle or at selected fixed location within the controlled territory. For better protection of larger areas, it is recommended to use several units placed along the protected facility perimeter. Drone Buster is a customizable integrated system that can include different kinds of equipment and solutions depending on customer’s needs and requirements.


Real-time and accurate geolocation of any mobile phone regardless of the brand, model and network

LOCATOR geolocates in real-time mobile phones on a map using three different technologies for better accuracy. LOCATOR can also track in real-time location of target mobile phones and helps Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) to identify and monitor targets’ geolocations e.g. COVID19 patients in quarantine, criminals and terrorists. It can also be used for humanitarian and rescue operations on a national scale.


With LOCATOR you can draw circular geofence around an area, region or country and get notifications of target mobile leaving or entering the area. This functionality can be used for the following purposes:

  • COVID-19 patient in quarantine
  • Criminal exiting his area
  • Criminals entering an area


LOCATOR can provide you a history of the geolocations and timestamps of a target mobile. It allows to track the target mobile all over the world as long as he is using his home SIM card and roaming internationally.


The solution requires connectivity to one or more Mobile Network Operators in a country.


Tracking mobile phones and geolocation with up to 1m accuracy

We have designed a variety of cellular IMSI and IMEI identities catchers ranging from pocket size, single- or dual- band units to large vehicle mounted systems operating across all band frequencies.


IMSI Catchers are used for 2 main purposes:

  • Collection of IMSIs and IMEIs in a specific area
  • Geolocation and tracking a phone.


Once a phone has identified our IMSI Catcher base station as having the best signal strength,

it sends its IMSI and IMEI. After receiving your IMSI, the IMSI Catcher then releases your phone back to the real network and moves on to try and capture another phone’s IMSI.


There are three main categories of attacks that will be used by IMSI Catchers:

  • Communication interception
  • Denial of service and service downgrading
  • Location tracking


IMSI Catchers can be used in multiple use cases:

  • Perp/target localization (accuracy up to 1 m)
  • Mass action / demonstration
  • Cross border check points / airports
  • Government building security/safety
  • Crime investigations
  • RF bugs detections
  • Natural disasters
  • Country and area border control
  • Penitentiary facilities
  • Private networks


Active GSM Monitoring System with IMSI Catcher and Decryption Unit

Active Intercept system can force handsets registration into the programmed LAC and intercept all their GSM traffic data. The system also offers various additional functions for GSM data manipulation of target handsets. The system is designed for active real time 2G / GSM monitoring in the following bands: 900, 1800MHz (EGSM, DCS,). The basic unit of the system is a portable 2G / GSM module which provides communication with mobile phones in the working area. It creates a fake BTS with the best operation parameters (2G / GSM) for communication. As soon as the mobile phone has been registered within the fake 2G / GSM BTS all connections can be monitored by the system.


A Clone unit is provided to support incoming and outgoing communications of the registered mobile phone with the real 2G / GSM network. The fake BTS and Clone unit are separated and connected LAN connection. For operation in countries with A5.1 GSM session encryption the system can be equipped with the special A5.1 deciphering processor unit.


  • Records voice sessions, supplementary service (SS), SMS messages and call related information to HDD.
  • Calls and SMS censoring with network activity emulation.
  • Calls and SMS from system operator to any telephone number using target’s identity.
  • Mapping of target position using a combination of public internet BTS services and internal measurements of mobile phones
  • GPS positioning
  • Remotely activates GPS receiver on the target’s mobile phone.
  • Automatic speech recognition (voice identification) system.
  • Target’s microphone activation.


World’s leading provider of Darknet intelligence

DARKINT Vision, the world’s largest commercially available database of darknet content, provides the means to efficiently detect the presence of your proprietary information on the darknet and mitigate damage prior to the misuse of your sensitive data.


The DarkInt Vision engine automatically, continuously, and anonymously collects, indexes, and ranks actionable darknet data. Because our platform collects and stores data in real-time, darknet sites that frequently change location and availability can be queried in a safe and secure manner without having to access the darknet itself. A variety of product solutions help you easily access the DarkInt Vision platform to make darknet intelligence an integral part of your existing security architecture.

The DarkInt Vision engine crawls anywhere from 10 – 15 million darknet domains on a daily basis. The database contains content from sources including Tor, I2P, IRC channels, FTP servers, paste sites, hacker forums, high-risk surface net sites and more, enabling you to access and search a large volume of both current and historical darknet data.


Collect and analyze social media posts in real-time within a specifically defined location

Location-based Social Intelligence is a powerful law enforcement, public safety, corporate security, risk and emergency management tool. SnapSocials Social App is an innovative location-based social listening solution.


SnapSocials Social App allows organizations to monitor, collect and analyze social media posts in real-time within a specifically defined location.


This data can be transformed into valuable intelligence, enabling organizations to more effectively prevent, identify, respond to and investigate crimes, threats and emergencies.


Common Use Cases:

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Emergency Response
  • Incidental Prevention
  • Narcotics, Weapons, & Gang Activity
  • Airports/Seaports
  • HR Screening
  • Epidemic Monitoring
  • Serving Warrants
  • VIP Threats
  • Community Monitoring (i.e. sporting events, concerts, festivals, riots, protests, rallies)
  • Natural Disasters (i.e. flood, fires, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes)


Call Detail Records analysis for investigation and search operations

ANALYZER platform is a set of hardware and specialized large volume data processing software aimed to automate the analysis of billing information obtained during investigation and search operations. The system architecture includes two major components: database and processing server.


Standard configuration allows to keep and process the database with 1 billion records and more. Up to five working places (for ex., laptop computers with ANALYZER software) can be connected to the server through either local area network or VPN channel.




By person or SIM Card

The results are a “tree” of the connections of “person involved” in graphical form in the text and in a table (the table displays all “person involved” connections and linked persons).

The results are also displayed on the ma, allowing to analyze not only contacts of the “person involved” and linked persons, but also their geolocation and movement in time.


Mobile terminal and SIM card use

Analysis allows to track in a given time period which SIM card and what numbers are inserted into a known phone or vice versa, in which phones are known SIM card were inserted. As in the previous analysis – the results of the connection table are automatically displayed on the map.


By location

In this case it is possible to analyze connections in selected areas (e.g., at the crime scene, COVID-19 patient previous locations) within a specific time range. Base Stations operators’ selection is done automatically when you select the area on a map or entered and edited manually. The result of this query is a table of all the connections in the selected area for the period for further analysis

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