Value Added Distributors (VAD)

IT Max is one of the leading value added distributors (VAD) in the MEA region. We help companies like Kaseya, Collab, Dialogic and Redline bring their products to market, and we offer a wide range of technical and business support services.

We certify, train, instruct and support our resellers, and help configure, install and finance their purchases. Many of the hardware devices and software applications that you use in your daily life have passed through our logistics centers on their way to market.


Credit Services

Take your business further with flexible credit and reward programs. We offer various programs to assist in improving the health of your business, including financing alternatives and cash flow management.

Marketing Services

Through our marketing program, we help solution providers generate leads that turn into customers. Target end users with dynamic marketing, lead-generation campaigns, events, outbound marketing, SEO, and more, to massively increase your visibility.

Education and Training

We provide you with the resources and tools needed to assist you in building the skills needed to sell and support solutions. Our goal is to help you construct complex training roadmaps to up your staff’s game, and increase revenue.

Technical Services

We offer a wide variety of vendor-specific or cross-platform support to help you provide end-to-end solutions for your customers. Benefit from competitively priced assembly, configuration, customization, and installation services of IT products by our highly skilled experts, according to your exact specifications.


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